Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Having A Mighty O

Remember the last time that I had ventured up here, and my disdain for the over-hyped and classless Voo Doo Donut of Portland? This time, I have found something truly worthy of the hype: Mighty O Donuts.

My daughter tells me that these were once featured in some FoodNetwork competition. I'm assuming that Mighty O won?

These really are that good. So good, you'll forget that they are also vegan and organic, using no eggs,dairy or animal products. If a baker is going to go this route you can be sure that he's not using the commercial donut mix that 99.9% of donut shops use (even those that put Cocoa Pebbles on a cheap product and call it 'gourmet'.)

Be warned: quality does have it's price. These delectable rings of carbohydrated grease start at $1.20 (and rise from there), and the coffee is good, too.

After trying a few, my strongest advise is toward the Devil's food with fudge icing. But only get one. It's too rich to enjoy the second one.

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Jade said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mighty O's... I end up getting them at a grocery store because I'm all the way out in the 'burbs - which is good enough for me anyway - but I've had them fresh at a festival once and they are to-die-for good that way (only not to-die-for for me, because they are eggless, and therefore not going to kill me)