Friday, May 19, 2017

I Think Not

Pat Buchanan asks the only question that matters:The question is, is can we sustain this kind of intensity for 44 more months?

Let me rehash for you all, the Trump Agenda... why Trump Nation voted for Trump:
-Border Security
-protecting the American working class.
It's not complicated.
And... he was the only person from either party to make these issues a cornerstone (i.e the raison d'etre , if you are a Hillary voter/French/Bush Republican/same thing... so Fuck you. If you are Paul Ryan, go fuck yourself twice, and you'd probably enjoy that) of his Presidency.

IF you oppose Trump, you oppose the American working class.
You oppose 80% of America.
You oppose me.
It's personal.

The constant drumbeat of the fake corrupt press, the incessant Schumerizing of reportage, the John McCain crowd, the Bush Family Outfit, the Courts...
These, and others, are my enemy.

Trump may go down, as the Press, the DNC and the GOP all plot against him... but these issues will still remain.
See, you keep thinking it's about Trump. And for for those who oppose him, it is.
But it's not.
We didn't vote for Trump, The Man.
Trump, The Man came to us... offering deliverance.
A deliverance that nobody else believed we deserved.
Why is that?

Why is it, that you can hate one man so strongly that you lose all compassion for the rest of your country? (There is a parable here, but I'll leave that to those in a different pay grade.)

Trying to put a nation back together afterward will be a tough go, though, because remember...

Trump Nation are all a bunch of deplorable ignorant loser Nazi racists who fuck their siblings and never seen a dentist; unworthy of any respect or understanding.

Those who I expect to win this current struggle  will not be kind to us.
We are "not part of America." We have been told as much already.
So where do we go from here?

We have ceased to be a democracy and have become a mobacracy.
The strongest mob runs the show.
Unfortunately, the ones who voted for Trump, we who drastically need the change in policy, are too busy working overtime while  trying to provide for our families, to 'mob up' and cause trouble... until the day arrives, when we decide that there is nothing left to lose...
(when we decide to act like college students, you won't soon forget it.)
 A few of us are already there... (You first, I'll be right behind ya... No, you first... I'll be right behind ya...)

Shaming us didn't work last November, did it?
It won't work later, either.  

I don't know when that day will arrive.
I only know that it is getting closer.


Bike Bubba said...

Well said. When the "powers that be" put their fingers on the scale to keep what they've got, they are often surprised when those out of power start cheating, too.

Mr. D said...

It's not going to be good.

John said...

Gino, Well thought out, well stated, and the raw emotion is plain to see. While I would hope for change from the left, I am afraid you are spot on.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

My life is significantly about not belonging. I'm not in the class you describe, Gino. "My people" are the college grads, the white collar, classical music playing, NPR listening globalists. But for some reason or another, I've long revolted against what they told me was right. Maybe it was the counter-intuitive result of living in France. Don't know.

I don't have my finger on the working class pulse. Instead I just feel (and hope) that this can't go on like this. The flat-out disrespect that my class seems to feel doesn't deserve to get a pass. There is no basis for our derision. It comes from a near absolute poverty of understanding and sympathy. We've been led astray by what "experts" say and have been too lazy or intellectually incurious to notice that it's bullshit. I remember the multi-culti crap in seminary 8-10 years ago. It was already manipulative; now it's become punitive.

In all of this I feel kind of alone. It seems as if my own class and family have betrayed their own values without even realizing it. But that doesn't mean I belong somewhere else. Sorry for just being self-focused. Your post set me thinking along those lines.

Bike Bubba said...

WB's comment illustrates a big part of why a lot of churches have a heck of a time reaching young blue collar families. Count me as well among those with "white" collars who went to Europe and grad school and came out somehow with at least what we think is more compassion for guys that work hourly.