Thursday, May 18, 2017


The last day of March, three years ago, I bought into this brand new Kia Sorento. (It is the second biggest mistake of my life, without a doubt. I will never again purchase the Kia nameplate, and neither should you)

The car came with a 10year/100,000 mile warranty.

Two days ago, I turned the 100,000 mile mark.

This morning, I get a phone call informing me that my warranty has expired and would I like to purchase an extension.

How did they know that my three year old car just turned 100,000 miles???
This is creepy, if you ask me.


Bike Bubba said...

I get notices each month with OnStar on my GMC--I'm guessing this is the wave of the future with almost any carmaker. Has the car been OK besides that?

And at least it's better than the old way, when your transmission would collapse three miles after the warranty ran out at 36000 miles, no?

Gino said...

the car has not been ok. I replaced the motor 6k miles ago. that set me back 5k. Kia does not honor their warranties, i come to find out. a co-worker had his motor blow at 32000 miles, and was stuck with the bill. from what i hear, there is a long list of lawsuits against them.

Bike Bubba said...

What happened? Headgasket? Are they nailing customers because when they look at things, they see another problem that the owner theoretically "could have" fixed that "might have" solved the problem?

One hint; Mrs. Bubba worked for a while for Oldsmobile (back a while, yes), and her job was more or less as an ombudsman for the company to make sure dealers were giving honest/good/appropriate warranty service. Poke around and see if you find anything.

That said, Kia may have a problem, as I noticed the last time I walked by the local dealership that the place was not exactly hopping. Check out to see what they say about your car, too.

Gino said...

the motor blew. threw a rod.
Kia wouldnt honor the warranty because i didnt follow rec's on oil changes (every 4k miles. i generally go a little longer as time permits). I did the same maintenance on every other car i owned, including my hyundai that had almost 300k when i swapped it out.

that kid from work had all his docs in line, and kia told him that didnt mean anything because they didnt trust the shop that did his oil changes.

Bike Bubba said...

Precisely the kind of thing my wife used to deal with. Poke around. Look at the car mags, see if others have this problem. A well placed note or two at the right levels at Kia could get you repaid.

Looking at the miles per year, you are a serious driver, even for LA. :^)

Gino said...

the rejection comes from Kia, not the shop/dealer/service center. the service center would love to have the work, but Kia wont pay them.

basically: unless i took my car to a Kia dealer, on time, before time, every single time, (and paid $65 for an oil change, as opposed to $30 at Jiffy Lube) my warranty is null.
i was not informed of these restrictions at time of vehicle purchase.

Never buy a Kia.
you have been warned.

Gino said...

yes, i am a heavy driver. I live 60 miles from work... and several miles from the nearest grocer/gas station. life in the Inland Empire is like that. i miss the days of living in Anaheim, when i was 2 miles from work... but that apartment would cost me over 2k a month now... no longer possible. (it was $1250 when i left in 2008)