Sunday, March 5, 2017

Random Thoughts On The Russia Thing

First off, I don't doubt that Russia tried to influence our election. Ever since the 1950's (maybe sooner) the USSR (same as Russia, really.) has tried to play some kind of influential role in our politics. The Peace Movement was funded in large part with money channeled through Soviet Bloc intermediaries. This is known. Does any of this make the election of Jimmy Carter illegitimate? No... but damn, I sure wish that it did.

-I don't think Russia ever expected Trump to win this election. I think the hacking and spreading of the Hillary emails was done to sow tumult among the crew that was fully expected to be in charge... and a way to let them know how much difficult life could be for them if they gave Putin too much trouble down the road.
Seriously, anybody who did any level of homework per Trump and Hillary would know that the easier road for Russia was through Hillary. She was a known quantity and a proven kisser of Putin Ass.

-These things said... the United States has always attempted to affect the politics of many other nations. We played a strong role in luring  Ukraine westward (much to Russia's consternation) and most recently, Obama played heavily in the attempt to oust a democratically-elected Netanyahu in Israel. Current protestations by today's Democrats and the Main Stream Media (same thing, I know....) ring hollow in these ears.

-Russia is not a threat to the existence or security of the United States, unless we want them to become one. The Cold War is over. To keep fighting it, as many in the GOP want to do, is a disservice to the memory of Ronald Reagan, who won it for us, in the hope that there may be peace between us.
Peace and cooperation should always be the end game of a just struggle.

-Russia is not just a country. It is one of the West's great empires, who's language, culture, arts, values and faith tremendously influenced one half of Western civilization. Eastern Europe is Christian, instead of Muslim, because an Orthodox Russia made it possible.
To continually attempt rubbing their nose in their Cold War defeat, which was humiliating for a proud people on several levels, is a disservice to European unity, and Europe in general. And again, an affront to everything Ronald Reagan worked for.

-Putin is a bad actor. Yeah, so?

-No way, no how, not ever, ever would Donald Trump use Russian dressing on his salad. Everybody knows that Green Goddess is way more better.

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Bike Bubba said...

About right. It just boggles the mind that anyone would believe that the Russians, likely having the full contents of Mrs. Clinton's private server and every bit of blackmail-worthy information from it, would screw things up by intentionally getting Trump elected instead.

Unless they have something even worse on Trump, but his appointments don't seem to indicate that.