Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Are You Not Entertained?

It is a serious federal offense, a felony, to make public another citizen's private income tax return. Can't remember who, but I do remember one reporter/journalist/shill  making a public appeal to anybody within the IRS to leak Donald Trump's tax return to him.

Should it occur: The reporter/journalist/shill will achieve fame and accolades. Chucky Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, the Bushes, Romneys and the rest of the GOP robber barons and Mojado lovers will likely receive improved political fortunes.
The Leaker, on the other hand, will likely face serious jail time.
(Trust me: the political class will not be going to bat to protect the leaker. To do so  allows a precedent that will make one of them the next victim, 'cause they all got something to hide.)

I found it troubling when Rachel Maddow announced that she had possession of Trump's tax return and would reveal it's contents on her show. I was at work all day, so I get most of my misinformation off my phone half the time, and today was no exception.

I really didn't know what to expect when I checked the phone after her show ended.
I absolutely didn't expect the Geraldo level 'Capone's Vault' nothing burger that it turned out to be.

My thoughts: no other than Donald Trump, himself, released this tax form from 2005. Part of his success through out this righteous crusade has been his ability to troll the press/opposition (same thing).
He's good at it.
The more unhinged and dishonest the journalism community appears, the better it is for Trump.
Obama was a good troll, too. He enjoyed setting off the whack jobs of the Right. It was easy to do, and provided him the brush to paint all of his opposition in the same vein.

Trump has taken it to a higher level.
Alex Jones (who nobody takes seriously to but the Left), has been replaced in this role by respected, mainstream reporters/journalists/shills (same thing)... and once again, they shat their shorts.
In public.
High profile short shatting.
Trump won...

The GOP finally has a true political warrior not seen since Ronald Reagan.

I'm really beginning to love this guy.


Bike Bubba said...

Good points. With this, Democrats indicate that either they committed felonies by finding and releasing those returns, or they are stupid, or both. Neither gets my vote.

Gino said...

as if they had a chance for your vote??? lol

Bike Bubba said...

True. If they were thinking, they'd not have their same policies.