Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Future Is Already Here

There is much talk this off season about the future of the Quarterback position for the Chicago Bears. Anything can happen at this point, and I don't think General Manager Ryan Pace or Coach John Fox are sure they know, either.

This is a team in the process of a total rebuild. That we know. We will be needing a new man under center before long, and Pace hasn't drafted any kind of a QB in the three years he's been pulling the levers.
I don't know why.

I'll go through my thoughts of the three QBs we currently have on the roster:

First off, there is Jay Cutler, the most abused QB on the field or off. His upside is sky high, but he has a few faults... among them attempting to put the ball where only he can, hoping his receiver makes a play.
He's the typical gunslinger, and damn, is he talented.
A talent that has been largely squandered away by the Bears coaching staff.
He plays with heart and passion, never flinching when lowering his shoulder to to lay out a defender. (He doesn't like to slide like the wussy QBs do).

Second, we have Brian Hoyer.
He's a good Quarterback, who makes good decisions, which shouldn't be too hard to do when you only play football within 10 yards from scrimmage.
He put up lots of yards last year, but seems allergic to the white goal-line powder.
And, he can't throw past 10-15 yards.
He has all the gifts that a QB needs tween the ears, none of the gifts required tween the shoulders.
He's an effective game manager, as long as scoring isn't part of the management plan.

Third, is Matt Barkley.
He's not really bad.
He's also not very good.
He has many of the tools to possibly become a QB in the NFL, but I think his window has closed.
That, and he has accuracy issues.
I'm of the belief that many things can be developed in a QB, but accuracy isn't one of them. It's a natural gift that is possessed, or not.

Fourth, is the guy who is not there yet, but is expected to be there come training camp. Just who or what or how is a different discussion, I think.

The talk among Bears circles is that Jay Cutler will be gone this year.
He can be cut for for free, having gone through his guaranteed portion (3yrs) of  a 7 year contract. Coach Fox prefers the game manager type QB (Hoyer) and doesn't much care for the aggressive passing-attack type of QB that Cutler is. The general consensus is that the Bears will draft/sign/trade for a QB of the future and start Brian Hoyer as a bridge while the new face is developed.

My suggestion, what I would do if I was in charge...

Keep Cutler for this season, and maybe the next...

Keep Hoyer as a reliable back up.
This is his career ceiling, anyway... and he's good at it.

Cut Barkley.
I like Barkley, personally. He plays with a spirit and attitude that I appreciate. And he's a local (to me) boy. A Homie. But being 'almost an NFL QB' is not the same as being an actual NFL QB. (he'd be competing for a starter gig somewhere if he had some accuracy to his arm, but he doesn't, so he isn't.)

Draft two QBs this year (or UDFAs, whatever...) in the middle rounds, say rounds 3 to 5. Reliable athletes with accurate arms that can be groomed-up and taught the teachable stuff,  to compete against each other for the future. Barring any obvious one-of-a-kind prospects (there are none in the draft this year), this is the best way to go.
I would tend toward stout-bodied types (like Big Ben, or Favre) who could take NFL punishment.
A Polynesian, Negro, or Hybrid-race maybe? Heavy bone structure. A big, confident boy that can't be hurt easily.
Durability trumps God-given talent. Just ask Rex Grossman about that... or RGIII.

Spend our early picks on obvious play-makers at other positions. This strengthens the team over all, making life a whole lot easier on whatever QB you choose to play. (seriously... look at the Patriots. Brady was not that good in the Super Bowl. On any other team, he would have sucked, but he had play makers all around him... making plays.)

Why Cutler, if he is not the future?
Because Cutler is the best QB available to the Bears this year. He gives us the best chance to win, on any given day.
Winning builds confidence and morale for the whole team.
Winning  attitudes and winning cultures are created by teams that win games.
If you are not confident in Week 1, you wont be confident in February, either.
It's all about February, isn't it?

Jay Cutler may not be the future of the Bears,  but the future of the Bears can be found through him.

you came here expecting politics and shit???
I don't roll that way.
I like to mix shit up...
But you knew that, already... right?
That's why you came here, isn't it?


Mr. D said...

What you're proposing is sensible, which is precisely why it won't happen. There will be enormous pressure to draft a quarterback in the first round and the Bears will succumb to the pressure. Maybe they'll get the right one this time. They also need d-backs, big time.

Gino said...

there is talk of trading for garapolo... and i'm like.... NOOooooo...