Friday, February 10, 2017

California Rising

Threatening secession is far from the only thing California has in common with the Old South

Over 60 percent of California voters went for Hillary Clinton — a margin of more than 4 million votes over Donald Trump.

Since Clinton’s defeat, the state seems to have become unhinged over Trump’s unexpected election. “Calexit” supporters brag that they will have enough signatures to qualify for a ballot measure calling for California’s secession from the United States.
Some California officials have talked of the state not remitting its legally obligated tax dollars to the federal government. They talk of expanding its sanctuary cities into an entire sanctuary state that would nullify federal immigration law. (emphasis mine)
The leadership of California is doubling down in the face of Trump America. As for that more than 60% that voted for Hillary Clinton, I can tell you that she got very few votes from my co-workers. This largely Hispanic group of factory stiffs went overwhelming for Trump.
They boasted that “King Cotton” had created the wealthiest class in the United States. Silicon Valley now often assumes that Google, Facebook, Apple, and others are near-trillion-dollar companies that are a world unto their own.
Like California, South Carolina and other Confederate states bragged that their unique economies did not need the Union. Slavery and the extravagant income from cotton warped the Southern economy and culture.
A wealthy plantation elite, with its millions of exploited slaves, ensured that there would be virtually no middle, working, or small-business class.
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I'll be touching more, a lot more, on this topic in the weeks and months ahead.


Mr. D said...

It's untenable. I look forward to your dispatches from the apocalypse.

John said...

Good observations from the National Review. I, like Mr. D, look forward to your commentary from the front lines. Any thoughts on moving north to the Free State of Jefferson?

Bike Bubba said...

I remember being rather surprised at how well Trump did among Hispanics--something like 35-40% of their votes were earned by Mr. "Build the Wall". And having personally witnessed behavior that was at least compatible with the prospect of vote fraud, I am guessing that many Democrats are quaking in their boots about what might be found if we do a real audit of voter records. Maybe, or maybe not, three million votes, but....

Gino said...

mr d: this just might get interesting.

john: more on jefferson to come.

bubba:hispanics who dont use public assistance vs those that do. thats the divider.