Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Time For War

So, what this I'm hearing about now?
We are not sending troops to fight ISIL, but we really are, maybe... with a coalition that hasn't coalesced yet.. or something like that?

Just leave these people alone to be dealt with by their own, and let's stop playing their videos and maybe they'll stop beheading people and go back to gassing children in Syria, instead... See? That way nobody gets worked up over the latest recasting of the World's longest running theater act.


RobertDWood said...

It is of unending importance to have foreign policy issues to distract us from actually dealing with the structural messes at home. :/

Mr. D said...

This won't end well.

Gino said...

i think this latest foray is purely media driven. potus was without a clue, and acted accordingly.