Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hi Y'all...

I have limited sympathy to offer the surviving Boston Bombing Suspect, but after hearing his mother speak, ...the pain,... the emotion... my heart goes out to her.

As the father of a son who has never come close to doing a 'Boston Bombing' type of thing, (but has done a few much lesser things... as has the Son of his Grandfather ;)  ) I still feel for her.
Tis a terrible, horrible thing to see one's child involved in something like this.
God bless this woman, despite her faults.
One thing I do know,  is that despite her faults, she never intended her son to do something like that.

I was once 19 and idealistic.
Easily swayed (but not swayed quite as much as this Cat in question. Then again, I did not have a much older brother to look up to, and be swayed by).
I saw much the same zeal in my own Son when his time came...
It did stir an awareness in me at the time.
(His mother said: he's YOUR son, what'd you expect?)

My son is now 26 years old.
He is not the same kid that he was at 19.
That's right!
A kid.
Not a Man.
Neither was I.
Nor were you.
Nobody is a Man at 19.
Not possible, the law be damned...

This Mother is seeing her Son taken from her, facing the Death Penalty.
You need to excuse her reactions at this time.

Keep in mind, in our quest for justice... that...
Her son may not be the same man that he would be if allowed to properly mature into the man that he really is.

I stand opposed to any Capital Punishment in this case.
No man is a Man at 19 years old.
It's just not possible.
To hold him accountable as such is just plain wrong.

Get that. It's wrong.
If this boy dies for what he did in Boston, that would be wrong.


Bike Bubba said...

I understand that young people do stupid things--that's why my car insurance rates used to be a LOT higher, after all--but I seem to remember knowing that wanton killing was wrong by late elementary school.

My take is what my brother told my cousin, who had just been taken home by a peace officer after getting into a fight; that at a certain age, the officer takes you to the graybar hotel instead of home.

Now while the trial needs to occur, if the evidence clearly indicates this "kid" willfully took part in killing four people and maiming 180 others, I have no objection whatsoever to executing this "kid."

Brian said...

More death solves nothing. That isn't the same as failing to hold him accountable, or to see to it that justice is served.

Mr. D said...

I've come to oppose the death penalty in all cases. Cases like this one are a test of that belief.

R.A. Crankbait said...

Being 19 doesn't cut much slack with me, dumbassery or not. He's old enough to be accountable and if he's not, it's the fault of he and his parents, and a prevalent culture that indulges and even celebrates dumbasses.

A friend of mine is of Norwegian stock. His great-grandfather was sent to the U.S. alone by his family, with most of the family's savings, and charged with finding and buying a farm and sending for everyone else. A task he accomplished. He was 14 at the time.

Bike Bubba said...

Brian's correct that the perps will not get full justice on this earth, and I'd agree fully that any serious punishment ought to be accompanied by serious court procedures, including adequate punishment of perjury.

That said, if press reports can be trusted, a lot of defendants suddenly find the desire to make a plea bargain when it's plausible they could make the trip to Old Sparky. Others note that it's a good thing when "lifers" know that Old Sparky is waiting if they kill a fellow prisoner or a guard. So there are real benefits to having it available, whether or not it's used in this case.