Friday, April 5, 2013

Blogging has been the source of much joy the past several years and has lead to numerous  real-life, honest friendships that span the nation. It's been a blessing.
(and you know who you are.)

I've had a few posts on the burner, some not completed, others intentionally not posted for business reasons. (Bail Bonds is as lucrative as it is competitive, and I didn't think it wise to expose marketing strategy through a Google search. Most of what I have to talk about the past several months has to do with this aspect of my life.)
All of that... and then there are basic life issues as well, things beyond my control and within, that have left me rather ornery...
I'm the happy guy you love today, and tomorrow I'll be the Son-of-a-bitch you wanna punch in the throat.

Fitting, I guess, ...since I am currently 'At War' with United Steel Workers (posted about) while engaged in Jihad against supervision at work;...
 was encouraged today to attend the next union meeting (and have a beer!) on Tuesday where my issue(s) would be discussed, and having to decline, reminding the invitor that my presence was not preferred.
"Oh. Sorry."
Fuck You, and the USW horse you rode in on...

It may be... that I am alone.
It may be... that I am not.

I do not know. My Circle Of Trust contracts by the day.

My Homies (those that I work with who know me: The Local) back me up. This I know.
The USW (i.e.: The International) think that I suck. No... they got that shit wrong... it is they who are doing the sucking... Fuck Them!
All Of Them!

Matters not to me...
This (both of them) is my fight to fight, through my own choosing.
I chose these (overlapping) battles (maybe stupidly) of my own free will.
I will fight them.
To conclusion... both of them.
Get that!

May be, that I am a fool.
May be, that I am not.
Maybe, I am a prophet.

I only know that I can be an asshole at times.
('Asshole' has been my first name before..., that.. and 'Fuckin', as in: 'That Fuckin Gino' (another grievance that worked it's way through the (take-no-prisoners) process 12 yrs ago).
This is one of those times.
(the Supe that imposed 'Fuckin' as my first name has become my most die-hard defender today, and has privately encouraged me in this latest battle. 'Don't back down' he says, 'Don't back down'... )

To know me is to love me, I've always said that, didn't I?

My text messaging is off the charts rights now... tonight!
"Give 'em hell, you bastard"
"Hit the Asshole switch"
" Be Gino!"
"thats Gino"

I may be wrong.
I may be right.
I may win.
I may lose.

What  do I know...?
Right Now!...  
is that my popularity among The Brothers has never been higher than it is tonite.
With one grievance I have become a Rock Star.
USW can go to Hell.
I got this shit, and I don't need you.
So, Fuck Off!

Despite what some might be thinking, I have not abandoned blogging. I just need to find a way out of my funk and get the mojo back again.
I miss being in the conversation and will work my way back into it.
Just bear with me.... OK?


Mr. D said...

Some times it takes a while for things to sort out. It will, though. And when you're ready, we'll be here.

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

Whatever is going on right now in your life, I am glad you are kickin' ass.

I hope you are enjoying skip tracing as much as I did. The bonuses were amazing when I did it.

Bike Bubba said...

Hang in there, Gino. It's worth noting that the insanity of unions is clear when the USW represents guys making corrugated cardboard. (my dad has done work in both areas, interestingly, but never as a union member)

Gino said...

Mr D: maybe, if i still have readership left. i dont blame them for bolting...

Vas: i remember you mentioned skip-hunting in the distant past. i'm looking forward to that in a way... i want the hunt, but will leave the 'take down' for those more physically suited for it.
i'm slightly older, and slightly smaller, than most others.

Bubba: 20yrs ago, i was 'United Paper Workers International'. UPIU merged with PACE (petroleum/atomic/chemical) due to declining enrollment... and then again with USW (united steel) for the same reasons.
the only steel that plays a role in my job is the blade of a box cutter/razor knife... which is uber important every minute of every day... a razor sharp edge is not a cliche in these parts.
and yes... i DO HAVE SCARS to show it.
four ugly scars so far... there may be more...

Anonymous said...

My prayer for you: Stay safe, stay strong.


John said...

Gino, Good luck with both the new gig in BB and with the USW. I can't offer much beyond the moral support, but as long as you're willing to put thoughts out for others to see, I'll be stopping by to consider them.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

It's been a little over a week and I'm wondering how things are going. No concrete boots I hope.

Foxfier said...

In spite of not being able to visit much-- between kids and being sick to death of having to sign in at every blanking Google blog, I don't hit the places without subscribe by email much these days-- yay, Gino!