Friday, December 14, 2012

A Bears Fan's Thoughts

Safe to say this season is effectively over for my beloved Chicago Bears.

After a 7-1 start, the Beloved Bears have dropped 4 of the last 5 games. They are no longer in First place, and haven't much hope of meeting one of the tie-breakers for a Wild Card.

Unable to top teams with a winning record, the Bears are still one-and-done should they squeak into the playoffs.

A Super Bowl caliber Defense is not much use against effectively good Offenses when your own Offense struggles to offend anybody who matters to begin with.

Brandon Marshall is a beast, the best compliment for a gunslinger like Jay Cutler. The problem lies in the scheme that says: "Throw it to Marshall. If Marshall is covered, throw it to Marshall anyway."

After years without, the Bears finally have a valid #1 receiver in Marshall. Too bad there is not a valid #2 or #3 to compliment. After Marshall, it's all #4's with hands of stone.

With his contract up this year (or is it next? shop the trade), I'd say it's a good time to say 'Goodbye' to the Devin Hester Project. He will never be a reliable WR, and his ridiculous return skills have been negated by rule changes. (FUCK YOU, Goodall)

Yeah, that Kellen Davis experiment needs to end, too. A 'receiving' TE that won't receive cannot be kept another season. We'd be better off using some cap for Jeremy Shockey.
You can find him sitting at the off ramp holding a cardboard sign.
Fuck the drama: sign him and play him, and the Bears would be easy 10-3 right now...

Time for Lovie to hit the road.
He's had plenty of time to game for the Packers and Aaron Rodgers.
He's failed.
Again... the Bears will be Rodgers bitch this week.

If the Rams can beat the 49rs, and the uber-suck Lions can beat the Seahawks... there is no excuse for the Lovie -led Bears to suck so hard against either team.

Yet, after 12-plus weeks of film, opponents know what the Bears will throw at them, because Lovie don't know how to change shit up. (Cutler to Marshal... and yet again....)

Two consecutive years of late-season melt downs for what was a sure-fire playoff season are enough to seal Lovie's fate in my eyes.
I still believe he is a good coach, who gets more out of less, but after eight or nine seasons there is too much tape out there. Other teams have him figured out.

The Bears need the vigor and freshness that new coach can bring. I hope they do it.


Mr. D said...

You may get your wish, Gino. We'll see.

RW said...

I don't know if it is or not, but if Lovie Smith's contract runs into next season he will be right where he is. The Bears are usually too penurious to pay someone for not working. I've always said Lovie has done the most with the least amount of talent than any coach I can think of.

I don't know what the perspective is like all the way in the People's Republic of California there, but from a Chicago perspective the plain fact is that if three passes are not dropped the Bears are 10-4 right now. This is the receiver's fault and not the coach's.

But don't discount Alshon Jeffery (#17) as a nobody. Best in the SEC, Bilitnikoff Award winner and a 2nd round pick of ours. Plagued by injuries right now. He can become a perfect part of a good duo with Marshall in time.

And, finally, this Bear's defense is porous, plain and simple. It in no way reflects anything closely resembling the power defenses of past years. All areas of production are down, and there have been more than a few times when it looked as though they couldn't stop anything.

So I'm not sure but maybe you have to squint too much with all that sunshine over thar, but it doesn't sound like you're watching the same games I am. :-)

Gino said...

RW: i am 2000 miles from the fan buzz and logical commentaries, so maybe that mixed into the squint vision affects my view.

yes, Lovie is good, i just think he's become to predictable for good other coaches to not scheme around.
they know what he's going do with the franchise he's got.

he came to chicago and turned the tide against the favre offense, but seems totally stymied by rodgers.

Mr. D said...

he came to chicago and turned the tide against the favre offense, but seems totally stymied by rodgers.

The difference, I think, is that Rodgers doesn't do the gunslinger stuff that Favre did. Lovie Smith always knew that Favre would take a needless chance or two and he made sure that his players were ready for it when it happened. Rodgers gives you less margin for error. I also think that McCarthy is a better coach than Mike Sherman was -- Lovie could outcoach Sherman, and did, but McCarthy is a tougher match. And Ted Thompson is a better GM than Jerry Angelo was. That makes it tough.

I saw an article in the local paper that was a reprint from the Chicago Tribune and it said that Phil Emery, the new GM in Chicago, is going to use the same approach that Thompson uses in Green Bay, with particular focus on finding and developing your own players instead of bringing in guys from other systems. It will be interesting to watch.

RW said...

lol... never mind...