Friday, December 21, 2012

Hornet's Nest, part 2

Hey, you remember this post from a couple months back?

My local president informed me that he forwarded my request to the Regional Tool. I waited.
And waited.
Two weeks ago I asked for the Tool's contact info and received an email address.
The next day, I sent the Regional Tool an email, stating my intentions to exercise my rights under the law.
A week passed, hearing nothing, I sent another.
Tonite, I sent him the third request in two weeks.

If I continue to hear nothing I will have to contact a higher authority. Not sure who that might be.

I'm not backing down this time.

When the Regional Tool failed to return my emails, I sent this email to my former local President. He works for the International now as a regional rep, but he was a bud, working the production floor not that long ago...
He and I have been cool for years.
Brother S***,
three emails sent, and i have heard zip, zero, nada... from Ron.
i'm losing respect...
i thought this was supposed to be a fraternity.
learning more by the day....

this has been 2 months going now.
need i seek another avenue?

maybe his home phone, if need be...
if he can't do his job (that I am paying him for) on company time, he can do it on personal time, imo...

I'm on this Bro, dead on serious, totally not playin...

your Brother ( I Think?, its up to you. i'm down for The Cause, you know it, i always have been...)
and yeah... I will happily buy you lunch. :)
"lunch" here pertains to a friendly wager we had on the latest Bears-Vikings game. He's a lifelong Viking fan, and we've built a comraderie over the rivalry for a few years now.

He did not respond to me, but in less than 24hrs 'Ron' finally did.

More to come.

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