Sunday, July 8, 2012

That'll Leave A Mark

OK, so I've been hard at work (when I'm not at work ) playing this game of Beat The Clock... er... Calender... with the 'old' house.
Still trying to get the place cleared out, being as I've been almost there for over a month.
It's hard to get it done when things at the mill pick up, finding myself working 13hr shifts, 6 days a week...

Wrapping it up last night, the last heavy item was a washer/dryer combo. This was in the upstairs laundry room. Word to the wise: Avoid upstairs laundries.

Preparing to descend the staircase, I paused for a second to make sure everything was lined up, thinking I had gravity on my end... I let go of the dolly for just a split second.
Gravity does what it will, regardless of one's intentions...

This was about two hours after the buyers did their final inspection.

Needless to say, I'll be patching it up before the close of escrow.


Brian said...

Too bad you don't have a ready supply of eager and relatively affordable part-time labor in your neighborhood to help you out with that sort of thing.

Gino said...

we do.
i just couldnt afford it.

Brian said...

OK, so that joke failed. I feel like a dick now.

Perhaps more importantly...are your appliances OK?

Gino said...

i think so. i plugged it in, and still powers up.
we were gonna get rid of it anyway.

already have standard machines in the new place, was gona craigslist this one.

Bike Bubba said...

Brian--dunno if the joke failed, or if Gino one-upped you. I'm thinking the latter. :^)

Good luck with fixing the sheetrock. Not my favorite job in the world!

Gino said...

i said patch, not fix.
gonna shove putty into it and smooth it out.