Sunday, July 29, 2012

Anaheim, What's Going On

Anaheim has been in the national news this past week. I'm sure you are all aware of it.

In short, Anaheim cops shot a man to death last Saturday, and capped another one on Sunday.
This has the Mexicans all pissed off...

The first shooting is a tad more suspect than the second, with 'witnesses' claiming an execution style slaying of an innocent non-gang member.
I find it hard to believe that a cop would be stupid enough to try to pull off a shooting of that nature in a public street, where witnesses abound, but... if it did, then the cop needs to be taken down.
No doubt about that to me.
But, to clarify, if the cops have him on record as a gang member, he probably was in act, if not in fact.

Anahiem authorities cast a wide net, so to speak, in terms of who is a gang member and who is not.
Harassment of gangs members, gang-looking kids, and gang infested neighborhoods is part of the strategy of policing... keep them off-balance if possible, make arrests when you can. (from personal experience, I know this)
Almost always, the subjects are Mexicans, half-Mexicans, and/or wannabe Mexicans.
Why is this?
Why do you think?

It works like this:
Brown skin, shaved head, goatee, wearing a wife beater shirt with khaki pants... the cops will harass you, every time, on sight,... no matter what yer doing.
Brown skin, normal haircut, wearing a surfing-logo t-shirt, shorts and flip flops... the cops will never even see you.
Yet, the cops are charged with picking on anybody with brown skin.
No, just the ones who 'Act Brown'.
(Acting/being Brown is a thing here in SoCal among a certain underclass, akin to Acting Black among another American under class. You know it:  unless you are a loser, you are not legit...)

On the street: unless you have been 'jumped in' (look it up), you are not a member of the gang.
In real life policing: if you hang out with the homies, dress like the homies, do what the homies do, and all yer bestest buddies are homies....
you are...
 for the purposes of policing,...
a gang member.
This makes total sense to any thinking member of the law abiding community that is fed up with having their cars broken into, streets trashed, walls spray painted, their shit stolen.
Unfortunately for Anaheim, 'thinking' and 'Mexican' do not always go together within a certain ethnic subculture...

Anaheim used to be a predominately white, middle-working class town. A culturally diverse place that was not without it's issues, but was able to avoid some of the trashier and corrupt elements of nearby crime-ridden *Santa Ana.
It was a nice place to live and grow up in. All this started changing in the late 80's, early 90's.
When I moved to Anaheim in 1998, I was shocked to see my mailbox full of Spanish language advertising and junk mail.
I was still under the impression of five years previous that Anaheim was a cool, all-American place to live and raise a family.
A co-worker, born and raise in Anaheim, just laughed at me. (Where you been the last few years? LOLOLOLOL)

My kids went to a grade school where fully 1/2 of their assigned class was non-English proficient... and that was the bestest, most English-proficient class room available for them. No exaggeration... no bullshit.

One teacher, a hard-working woman who I got to know well, had a class split into three parts: About 1/2 she could speak to/teach in English... another say... slightly less than a 1/3... was about 50-50. The rest, about 20%, were full on, Spanish only speakers.
This was one classroom, of about 30 kids.
It was also the most "English" classroom available for my kids... in the whole school.
You've got to believe me on this one.
I am NOT pulling bullshit on you.
These are the schools that I was required to enroll my children in.
No lie, here.

To make it worse: every kid enrolling in an Anaheim school had to have a fresh/current TB test. My kids were already subjected to TB testing, (it involves injections...) (standard with original... i.e. kindergarten, enrollment in any California school) but why did they need it again?
Because there are so many illegals crossing the border, and so many of these kids are infected with TB...
We need to check and have them treated before they infect the rest of us...
This was explained, mind you, by a young clerk at the school who spoke with a Spanish accent.
Alright? I am not making this shit up.
Even the Mexicans understood that there was a Mexican problem...
that the federal government (Clinton and Bush, now Obama, and soon maybe Romney) did nothing about.

You wanna pour out your love on the illegals for whatever political reason you have, just know that there are real Americans who struggle daily with their presence, for no fault of their own.

Anaheim has had a Mexican problem, for years now, and it's only getting worse...
And I specifically call out Mexicans and not 'Latinos' here because these problems are not being generated by an excess population of Argentines and Costa Ricans.

Were it not for Mexicans, the crime rate of Anaheim would be cut by 90%. I say this, openly and honestly.
It is what it is.
And I'm being generous with this number...
Mexicans, in large concentrations, bring problems.
I accept this despite the fact that...
Throughout my life, my best friends have always been Mexicans (exception being that one Black guy facebook followers may be aware of...) who lived lives no different in style or substance from any ordinary, day to day American.
Most Mexicans are this way.
Yet, there is a lower-class sub-culture that comes from the other side of the border that cannot be filtered out with an open border, avert your eyes, see-no-evil immigration policy.
90%, and it's all brown.
Facts are what they are.

As is stands now, Anaheim is under real assault from some ethnic grievance groups (guess what nationality they are???).
I've seen this pattern of lawsuits before...
It's not about good governance at all.
It's about ethnic power brokers building a fiefdom.

These past several days of riots were the result of outside forces attempting a political maneuver... trying to build a case (and a situation) to bring before the court that Anaheim's Mexicans (who are largely illegal to begin with) are not being properly represented... spurring a left-wing judge to justify carving the city up into districts to ensure that the proper amount of the 'right kind' of Mexicans are elected to office.

Where ethnic politics thrives, there has always been corruption to the highest levels (thank you, Irish, for introducing this concept and corruption to America... FuckYouAll.)

If not stopped, Anaheim will become the next Santa Ana.
That will suck.

*Santa Ana is something like 90% Mexican, and getting more so by the day as the respectable people continue to flee... ridden with crime and corruption... often referred to as 'Stabba Ana' due it murder rate... has the lowest property values in Orange County... very few kids graduate from it's high schools (because the chicas get pregnant at 15, and the chicos are in jail by 16)... ethnic politics plays a large part in it's governance... it is seen as a province of Mexico by outsiders, and acts accordingly waaay too often.... Nothing that I've said here is an exaggeration. The place sucks. Santa Ana, for all purposes, is the 'South Central' of Orange County... and not because too many White people live there.


Foxfier said...

You've got to believe me on this one.

I believe it-- and I'm sorry, but I'm a little glad to hear SOMEONE in a "real" city reporting the same thing. In the late '90s there was a town that had been all farm families, but was all Spanish-speaking by the time I was old enough to notice. There were two standard issue white Americans at the school-- until one of them moved to my home town, tired of the poor SOB getting assaulted. (They'd moved up from LA, but the thug problem was just too much for them.)

Several other towns in the area have the same issue. Most of the folks have some kind of papers-- some even have social security numbers that match the name on the papers, which is enough for the orchards to have to accept it or be charged with profiling. (And if someone is shown to be illegal... the orchard gets hit with all the fines, even though they checked as well as they could within the law.)

But the Damp Side keeps putting laws in place that hurt the less populous areas, since it doesn't touch them.

As for your Mexican friends... I'd say they're Americans with a Mexican background, same way I'm an American with a UK/Irish background.

Foxfier said...

(and the pregnancy rate thing is something I have to point out delicately when people start yelling about sex ed-- break it down by ethnic background, and things look REALLY scary)

Brian said...

Yet, there is a lower-class sub-culture that comes from the other side of the border that cannot be filtered out with an open border, avert your eyes, see-no-evil immigration policy.

Well, it sounds like it isn't being filtered out with an "it's basically impossible to immigrate legally from Mexico if you aren't married to an American or bringing a million dollars" policy, either, is it?

Foxfier said...

if you aren't married to an American

Don't forget "if you're not family to someone married to an America" which is why it's so hard for others to immigrate.

Chain immigration is fraking evil.

Gino said...

same policy, aint it?

Foxfier said...

Sort of, but "marry a citizen, get to live there" is commons sense-- "have a sister in law that is married to a citizen, get to live there," not so much.

Gino said...

same policy.
same results.

as a man of Anaheim, it's the results that are important...
and it aint looking good.

Brian said...

Foxfire: the only people that qualify for priority immigrant visa status based on family in the US are spouses, parents, and unmarried children under 21 years of age.

Any other family category is low-priority. And in in the particular case of Mexico, if you aren't in the top priority, you will never get a visa unless you (literally) win a lottery for it.

Foxfier said...

I know the system, and while the 23,400 adult children of citizens, minimum 114,200 spouses and single children of legal resident and so on may be a low by-case chance, that is a LOT of chain immigration.

What's more sensible for the country-- giving priority to a non-citizen resident's adult children, or to a skilled worker?

Brian said...

Well, then we disagree on what constitutes "a lot". Because that's a drop in the bucket compared to the number of people that would like to come here.

Anyway, if I've given the impression I'm a fan of our system, please allow me to dispel that. My point is that if you have a large group of people highly motivated to come here, a large group of people happy to employ them when they do, and a system that limits migration far below the amount that the labor market will bear, the consequences are pretty predictable: lots of people here without having gone through any legal migration process at all. Which is what makes it easy for the criminally-inclined element Gino is (rightly) worried about to be here.

If our migration policy was focused on keeping that element out (rather than damn near everybody), that would be an improvement, no? It seems at least worth a try.

A merit-based immigration system (like Canada, Australia, New Zealand) would also be a very positive change.

Foxfier said...

*looks around the labor market* So you want to cut immigration numbers?

I don't care how many people want to come here-- our policy should be aimed for the good of our country, not other folks.

We can agree on a merit-based system, though, easily. I'd like more deportations for criminal scumbags....

Gino said...

canada is not easy to get into if you're a hard worker who stays out of trouble.
you need a 4yr degree in anything before they will consider you, unless you are married to a canadian (or get hired on to a canadian sports team).

i read a story few years back about all the asian engineers driving canadian cabs and flipping bugers because canada has no use for 5 million engineers.
but they get in where a skilled carpenter isnt allowed.

Brian said...

The big wave of migration from Mexico (which has likely peaked already) came during a time of very high demand for low-wage labor. That's what drove it.

We didn't get here overnight.

Foxfier said...

Of course we didn't get here overnight-- but there is still a large demand for low-wage labor. Just more people willing to work under the table at this point in time, and more employers unwilling to risk the legal costs.

Brian said...

Gino--that's not entirely true. You definitely get more points for being university educated, but you can get nearly as much credit on the points system for trade school plus work experience. If you're fluent in English (16 pts), have a job on offer good for a year (10 pts, plus another 10 for "adaptability"), are under 50 (10 pts) and have at least four years work experience in a skilled trade (21 pts) that gets you to exactly 67 points, which is the minimum.

I think you get 5 for finishing high school, too.

The most points you can get for having family in Canada is 5 (up to another 5 if your spouse is educated), but those are "adaptability" points which you get for either family OR arranged employment, but not both (you can only get 10 total, even if you qualify for more.)

Speaking a little French would help, too. :)

Gino said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gino said...

how many points for a BS? is there extra points for a Masters or doctorate?

a coworker tried to go canadian a few yrs ago, but he wasnt willing to marry his girl to make it happen. he was only allowed to be there 6 months.

Brian said...

Canadian points system:

You only get a couple more points for a grad degree.

I may be over-interpreting a couple of the requirements, but they seem pretty straightforward.