Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Real Scandal

You see that picture to the right??? What does it show?
I'll tell ya: that is the USS Arizona blowing up in Pearl Harbor.
You know who is on that ship?
1,177 American Sailors and Marines, trapped below decks, dying at the very moment this photo is taken.

These are not just servicemen. Every serviceman is more than just a disposable tool of United States foreign policy, to be 'remembered' on certain days out of a sense of respect.

Because before they were tools of disposal they were the beloved sons of parents, the beloved brothers of American sisters. They were fathers, nephews and uncles.
My grade school principal, Sister Maureen, lost a brother on the Arizona. His name is etched on the walls on the memorial. When I saw it for myself the whole thing suddenly became real... it was then that I really started to understand why our daily nun-led prayers began with a prayer for peace, first and foremost before all other things were mentioned or asked for.
These nuns saw the other side of peace and lived to teach about it, Sister Maureen especially.

This "Day of Infamy" lies large in the collective American memory, and for good reason. Very few of us 'remember Pearl Harbor'. But everyone of us remembers that we were taught to do so. So we do, because we want to be good Americans.

At first glance, it does seem kinda humorous how the private school the Obama Daughters attend has chosen to serve Japanese food on Pearl Harbor Day.
It's non-starter, and should not have even been written about for what somebody might want you to think it is, for there is no scandel here.

Let us look at the menu offerings:

Asian Mushroom Soup: the only time I've seen something like this was at a Chinese restaurant.
Oriental Noodle Salad: an American invention
Classic Spinach Salad: never seen this at a Jap joint either
Teriyaki Marinated Chicken Strips: ever been to Hawaii? this is about as native there as fried chicken in Georgia, and likely enjoyed regularly by our *African-born president while growing up.
Szechuan Tofu & Veggies: 'Szechuan' refers to a regional/culinary style in China. Duh.
Garlic Roasted Edamame: I ate this growing up in the All-American city of Gardena
Vegetable Fried Rice: Again, China.
Fortune Cookies: another American thing.

Looks to me like America and it's China ally are well represented on this most patriotic day of remembrance.

Now, let us pause for a moment to remember Pearl harbor, those who were sacrificed there, and in it's aftermath...
OK, the moment is over.
You done yet?
Next, I want you think long and hard about whether we need to continue in a foreign policy brain fart that makes such things required.
Are your children and grandchildren worth it?
Mine aren't.

*NO! I do not believe our president was born in Africa. It was a lame joke, ok????


Brian said...

Hell, even if the food served was actually Japanese, I'd argue that's a pretty good indicator of the decades of friendship and mutually beneficial trade our two countries have enjoyed since that terrible war. That is something to be celebrated.

Half of the people I share an office with are Japanese. Not Japanese-American, either, but visiting scholars from Japan who will go back to Japan in a year or two.

A couple of weeks ago in lab meeting, a reference was made to something happening today (i.e., December 7) and I muttered (without thinking, just to make the information stick in my brain) "day of infamy". I was fairly mortified as soon as I realized what I'd said, and my boss shot me quite the look.

Fortunately, I don't think that my colleagues' English comprehension is quite sharp enough to have caught it.

Or, being Japanese, they were far too polite to mention it.

Gino said...

heh, i share half my 'office' space with foreign 'scholars' too.
but none of them are goin back. ;)

knowing japs the way i do, they caught it. but were being polite.
i've never met another people who, even after being removed for a generation, can say 'fuck you' without having to say it.

when libyan rebels are storming tripoli wearing yankee ball caps... its safe to assume 'they' know our culture and emtional touchpoints as well as we do.

RW said...

Quakers. We're also heretics. lol...

Palm boy said...

I, for one, am not ashamed to admit this whole post had me giggling.