Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So it appears that a Laryngoplasty will occur this coming Monday, at 1:30 p.m.
What sucks for me is that it looks like I may miss the Bears-Vikings on MNF. But, maybe not.

Procedure is supposed to take about 2hrs, maybe less. I'm supposed to be (technically) awake for it, then I'll be shuttled off to my room for the night after recovery. I'm guessing... maybe by kickoff I can be in my room? Maybe too groggy to care much by then.
I don't know, but it's already bugging me.

I will not be allowed to speak, at all, not even a whisper... for 24hrs minimum. So, that in mind... Got to remember to leave detailed instructions orders for wife to have that game playing just in case I wake up, since I won't be able to remind her.

I guess the little thing-a-mah-jig they're putting inside me looks something like this.

Trying to remember what it was like to speak without exertion, but I can't.
Will find out soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Umm Gino, not sure how excitable you get about games, but maybe it would be better if you didn't see it. Have the wife record and let you watch a few days later. Wouldn't want you forgetting yourself and yelling at the TV. Just a thought. ;)


Gino said...

good point, squeaky.
havent 'whooped' in two yrs, and i'd forget i had to wait.

usually, i stomp the floor and bang on the wall when something cool happens, and the wife, feeling the vibe downstairs, will yell out in my place.
its actually kinda funny how we developed this.

Jade said...

Good luck with your procedure on Monday :) And, if I was told I had to not talk for a period of time, I think it would be easier for me if I were just knocked out until it was over. Or I could sit on my hands... (as I seem to need to wave them about in order to speak out loud)

Night Writer said...

In case you are able to watch the game, let me help you out: if you see Patrick Ramsay at quarterback for the Vikings, don't think it's just the drugs playing with your mind. It's reality.

Glad I could help.

Mrs. D said...


Good luck on Monday!!

Maybe Fearless Maria can make some signs for you to hold up during the game. Just send us your usual phrases!

By the way, they are working very hard to get the TCF Bank stadium (where the University of MN plays their football games) ready for Monday's game since it appears that the Dome will not be fixed in time for the Vikings game.

Mr. D said...

Fearless Maria is indeed ready to help. But she doesn't work blue. Of course, as NW pointed out, if the Vikes trot out Patrick Ramsey you'll have nothing to worry about.

It's going to be great, Gino.

RW said...

Ten or fifteen or however many years ago it was that I typed in a post on the old History Channel board that you should be quiet once in a while (no, I don't know if I really did, just roll with it yeah?), I didn't mean for you to take me seriously. Just so you know.

Gino said...

oh great, RW, now you tell me... after i've already given 2yrs of obedience.

had a talk with the wife last nite. she promises me that the game will be on in my room, if at all posible.
but she will put tape over my mouth, just in case i get tempted.

Brian said...

I have a feeling if you slip up, it will be a quickly self-correcting problem...you're probably going to be a touch sore in the relevant moving parts...

Good luck!

Gino said...

i've wondered about that.
the cord is paralyzed, no nerve runs there. i assume its also desensitized.
i cant really feel anything going down my throat, like cold liquid, on that side but i can on the other.

but when 'stuff' collects there, i can feel the pressure of its presence...

until its slips into the air passage... then i get a violently hard, reflexive cleansing cough that i cannot stop if i wanted to.

this implant should help with that,too by closing the gap.

Vanesa Littlecrow W. said...

Good luck!