Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Word From The Brothas

According to two dear and real friends of mine, Jerome and Greg,  Zimmerman beat the rap because The State intentionally put the 'B' Team... no the 'C' Team... 'C' Team my ass, they brought the 'D' Team,... that's right...  to lead the prosecution.

There was a heated discussion today. I stayed on the edges and played relished the role of passive agitator.

Yup. There really is Two Americas.


Bike Bubba said...

To a degree, they're right. Mrs. Corey did not convene a grand jury, did not find out whether her star witness could read the letter she claimed she'd written, did not appear to have done any good examination of most of her witnesses, and all in all appears to have been doing the bidding of the DOJ. It's a performance that should get Angela Corey disbarred.

Now I'd disagree with Jerome and Greg on the likely outcome with a good prosecutor--that would be the one I believe was fired for coming to the conclusion that they had no case--but given the coverage in the MSM, and most likely the sources Greg and Jerome were seeing, I can't fault them for that opinion.

And yes, that would mean that large portions of the MSM, not to mention the DOJ, need to come to terms with reality.

Gino said...

jerome is a bit more level: he says they should have had at least one black man on the jury to bring the other perspective into the room. and if that meant the jury was hung, a defacto aquittal, he'd be happy with that.

Bike Bubba said...

We'll call that fruit of the LAUSD. The jury is of the peers of the defendant, not the victim. And I'd go back to the comment about the D team; it's the prosecutor's job to convey the perspective of the victim as best he (she) can. It's worth noting, though, that the very presence of the special "D team" prosecutor would mean that a mistrial would have been followed by a retrial, instead of being a de facto acquittal.

Next time you incite mayhem at work, let 'em know that one of your more conservative friends agrees fully with them about the D team being in the prosecution box. :^)

Gino said...

"We'll call that fruit of the LAUSD."

actually, Jerome grew up on the michigan side of south bend, IN.

greg, btw, hails from very small town in SE OK, and went to Tulsa on a full ride (was coached by Lovie Smith, in his first gig)