Monday, March 7, 2011

No Fly? No Way.

So, Libya is in turmoil and the dictator is fighting back against the rebels. The government is using air power to bomb civilians and keep the insurrection at bay.

Talk is of a United Nations 'No Fly' zone. The rebels having even been asking for one. Some have suggested that the United States needs to take the lead, unilaterally if need be.

Though it is tempting to drop a few bombs and shoot down some planes if it means the end of another brutal regime, I have some reservations.
I think President Obama is doing the right thing for the most part, with his cautious approach to the regional upheavals, not committing the U.S. to anything more than as a cheerleader.

Let's keep doing what we are doing, which is basically not very much.


Brian said...


As this develops, I'm starting to think that hiring Robert Gates was the best thing Bush did, and keeping him around one of the smarter things Obama has done.

RW said...

And here's what you'd get with the top priority of "fiscal restraint" of the wondrous GOP...

But it'd be okay... they'd just keep it off the books so it wouldn't LOOK like a deficit.

tully said...

Ja, it's going to take many years to reverse the damage done to our reputation by certain heavy-handed administrations. Obama is aware of this, much to his credit, and rather than seizing an opportunity to make a statement, he is allowing the liberation forces in this struggle to keep their noses clean of our assistance, which would in the event of victory jeopardize their continued support base.

Gino said...

i dont think obama is intentionally slow in his responses. i think he's just over his head.

but still, the right thing is the right thing. when he start feeling that his foreign policy dick get longer, then we'll have to worry. hopefully, he stays dimwitted.